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Another Exciting “Early Chapter Book” for Your Young Adventure Seekers
Join our brave siblings as they do battle with the evil forces of Queen Blunderpuss, in a land of fairy tales, fantasy and magic, and, of course…dragons.

Six-year-old Mophie and her brother, three-year-old Picholas, are visiting Smarma-footus Island, to spend a fun week with their cousin Soso. But evil Queen Blunderpuss and her big-bully nephew Bratty have other ideas.

You see, the queen has never forgotten how the three children rescued Sylvester the Dragon from her dungeon. And now that she knows they’re all together, she wants them brought to her castle. . .as prisoners!

Will the kids and the peaceful Smarma-footuses be able to protect their island from an attack by Bratty and the Queen’s Guards? Will Sylvester be able to help his friends–especially since the queen has a little surprise in store for him as well? Yikes!

Book 3 of “The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas” series is an exciting adventure story about courageous siblings, family, and childhood friendships. Toss in a little humor, some goofy villains with licorice lassos, and you’re ready for a fun time.




An “Early Chapter Book” That’s Sure to Delight the Youngsters!

Join our junior heroes in their latest adventure in a world of fantasy and magic, enchanted flying horses, dragons, and so much more!

Everyone knows that the brother and sister team of six-year-old Mophie and three-year-old Picholas can always count on their buddy, Sylvester the Dragon, when they need help. But how did they become pals with a dragon in the first place?

In “How the Kids Met Sylvester the Dragon”, you’ll read about the exciting adventure that led to this lasting bond of loyalty and friendship. You’ll also meet Soso–an actual Smarma-footus–as well as Giddyap, a brave steed from the Kingdom of the Magic Horses. And by the way, be prepared for your first look at evil Queen Blunderpuss’ castle.

Book 2 of “The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas” series is a delightful adventure story. With courageous siblings, imagination and play, and a healthy dose of humor. . .how can you go wrong? And by the time you finish reading, you’ll understand why Sylvester the Dragon will always be there when Mophie and Picholas call.



“It was fun to immerse ourselves in the world of Mophie & Picholas again, where evil queens and flying horses are normal! Such a great early chapter book!”




“It has beautiful illustrations and is well-written.”



“An engaging, well written fantastical tale to get the little ones imaginations all fired up. Highly recommended.”




A Must-Have “Early Chapter Book” For Your Little Adventurers!

Courageous Siblings! Dragons! Fantasy and Magic! Humor! What more could you ask for?


Aside from their kind of unusual names, the sister and brother team of Mophie and Picholas are pretty much your average 6-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy, who live in a pretty average town. But outside of their town–well, nothing is pretty average at all. For example, just a hop, skip and a jump away is a wonderful place called the Kingdom of the Magic Horses. And way down the river is the Kingdom of Bleh, ruled over by the evil Queen Blunderpuss. She has super magic powers, a lot of hang-ups, and a nephew who’s a big bully and who’s very happy helping her try to make everyone else very unhappy!

Can these two meanies take a wonderful event like a visit to the park, and turn it into a gigantic, yucky disaster? Will Mophie and Picholas find a way to outsmart them? Come along, and let’s find out!

“I can see how this book will easily become a series as you want to see what other types of adventures…they can get into with their friend, the dragon Sylvester.”



“The Adventures of Mophie and Picholas is wonderfully imaginative, like something a parent would invent when a little one begged at bed time, ‘Tell me a story. . .'”



“The story is great and has dragons, evil queen, castles, magic, and kinds of things that kids can love….”