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"How the Kids Met Sylvester the Dragon" is a delightful adventure story about how Mophie, Picholas, and Sylvester the dragon became friends. And, it introduces two new characters: Soso, the Smarma-footus; and, Giddyap, a brave steed from the enchanted Kingdom of the Magic Horses. It's a story of courage and friendship, with a dose of humor to boot.

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"Definitely our kind of book! As with the first book, I loved the illustrations. . . . And, for a beginning reader, the chapters are a perfect length. It was fun to immerse ourselves in the world of Mophie & Picholas again, where evil queens and flying horses are normal! Such a great early chapter book!"



"I've read both books and can't wait to read them to my grandchildren when they come for a visit. I'm sure that they'll be as entertained as I was reading them. They are delightful tales for children of children, dragons and flying horses. Hope there are more to come."

Gerald Bernstein